Scientific Program will be tailored to cover most of the following topics:

Food allergy: Latest updates.

Practical approach to constipation in children.

Failure to Thrive : The Story from A-Z.

Probiotics, Prebiotics and HMOS: The Latest recommendations.

Clinical Approach to Elevated Liver enzymes in Children.

Atopic Dermatitis: Rational approach to diagnosis and management.

Cutaneous manifestations of Systemic diseases.

Headaches in Children: Alarming signs.

Childhood vaccinations: Comprehensive review.

Antibiotic choices in Pneumonia below 5 years.

Thyroid disorders in Children.

Short stature: The need for Growth hormone.

Proteinuria: Practical approach.

TMA: How to differentiate atypical HUS from other causes.

Fanconi syndrome: Review of the Treatable causes.

Enuresis: What’s in your hand?

Overview of Bone Mineralization Disorders.

Lysosomal Storage disease.

Hyperammonemia: Initial steps.

Approach to Bleeding disorders in Children.

Acute Leukemias: Management and Long term outcome.

Complications of Preterm Babies: What to follow up.

Normal & Abnormal Skin presentations in Newborn: What to do .

Updates on Childhood vaccinations.

Pediatric Seizures: Approach to Diagnosis and Management.

Collagen diseases: When to suspect?

Complications of Preterm Babies: What to follow up.

EEG & ECG made easy

Practical Central Line insertion: Hands on.

IVF & Dyselectrolemia: The Proper Interpretation.