Peter Le Souef

Alan Lucas


Peter LeSouef is a Winthrop Professor of Paediatrics, University of Western Australia (UWA); 1998-present.. He is also The Head of  School of Paediatrics and Child Health (SPACH), UWA: 1998-2001, 2004 to present, Head, Immunogenetics Research Group, SPACH, UWA and Respiratory Physician, Founding Head, Department of Respiratory Medicine, PMH, Perth, WA.

Prof.  LeSouef  research profile and leadership include establishing several new research initiatives: _infant respiratory function: designed/implemented innovative techniques: single breath technique in neonates and raised volume forced expiratory method for measuring infant lung function _Perth Children's Aerosol Research Group: founded this group which has made the greatest international contribution to outlining the science of aerosol drug delivery in children.

Immunogenetics Research Group: from 1992 with Prof Jack Goldblatt - all aspects of asthma genetics research; this expertise has led to vaccine, measles, malaria and HIV research in Africa _human evolution: defined effect of geoclimatic factors on human immune system evolution _raised > $15 million in competitive research grants and grants from industry Current research profile and leadership _current studies focus on mechanisms involved in acute respiratory virus infections in early life, and how these affect the immune system, airway microbiome and the later development of asthma _asthma in children: viruses, immunology and microbiome - team has discovered that human rhinovirus group C is: main cause of severe children's asthma; causes majority of acute attacks; most common cause of wheeze in < 2yr olds; only respiratory virus related to atopy _immunogenetics: asthma, allergy, HIV (Gates grant - Africa), early respiratory infections (Africa) _epigenetics: Finland/Russia, Greenland/Denmark Inuits, maternal in utero contribution to infant Publications 230 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 24 book chapters.